Cush will hasten to present peace offerings, Sheba’s Queen will come from the far South, Candace’s Chamberlain (Ethiopian eunuch) will ask about him who was led as a lamb to the slaughter. Abyssinia will be converted, and Africa will become the willing seeker after grace, eagerly waiting and embracing the Christ of God.―Charles Spurgeon

And you shall be called, Sought out, not a city forsaken.―Isaiah 62:12

Sheba Mission is our flagship initiative for the global context of our ministry which aims to replicate the wider vision of Beauty 4 Ashes Development Foundation with our partners in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Malawi. We aim to inspire and create opportunities for community leaders to participate in the greater work of restoring and rebuilding their own communities.

“Genesis” by Sebastião Salgado

Through our Summer School, Sheba Mission will enable youth and community leaders to engage in this process of identifying the needs of their local communities, beyond the prescription of external development agencies.

There are so many different ways that we can support young aspiring community leaders without the means to access higher education or continue their education due to domestic instability, poverty, or living in ‘conflict fragile regions’.

Sheba Mission aims to provide the educational opportunity for those seeking to address injustice within the development process. We work towards enhancing their knowledge of Christ-Centered-Community Development, and to equip them with the skills for capacity building that leads to renewal within their local communities and church ministries.

In order to sustain the Sheba Mission, we would like to make it more widely available to those called to the ministry of CCCD across Africa, the African Diaspora, and globally.